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Day to Day | Experimental Thriller Short Film | Toronto, ON

It started as an idea, a short film about the ennui of living a boring daily life. Wake up, work out, eat food, get clean, get dressed and get to the office. Come home, clean, do nothing. Just exist, day to day. That in itself is a kind of horror, living a life so plain, so empty. Color washed from the screen in front of you, bland like the cereal you had for breakfast, have to think of your weight.

Slowly, the horror came. What if the day to day existence was something more? What if there was a hobby that kept you going. The only problem is that this hobby involves getting a little dirty, the problem is that it involves exploring a part of you, you thought only existed in nightmares.

Stalking the same streets at night feels weird. You know this place, it’s a safe neighborhood. At least it was until this new interest took over. There were some mistakes with the first one, who knew blood was so hard to get out. You know now not to wear white, that’s for sure.

The cold helps, summer time has people outside until late. Now, late winter, everyone is home hibernating. The hardest part is getting up after the sun has set. Your boss is starting to notice how you’re tired all the time. It is having an impact on your work but at least you have something to live for now.

Taking a life, it feels like nothing else. The power, the knowledge it provides. You can see into that other place, you can see something that is normally hidden from view.

Getting pushed around all your life, at school and at work. Now you’re the one with the power, a power you’ve had all along. It’s crazy how it took you this long to realize it, how it took this long to reach this place. Now you know, now you understand.

One thing that you never considered was how much a dead body weighs. Getting rid of a body is not an easy thing to do. A farmer’s field, a deep enough hole. With all the fertilizer, the flesh will just become a part of the food. Soil ground down, over time the bones will surface and be ground to dust by the machinery.

You want to stop, but it is a new addiction. A door that once opened cannot be closed. This is madness, you know it’s insanity, but it’s something you have to do and it feels amazing.


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