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Date From Hell | Horror Short Film | Llano, TX

To be shot in Llano, Texas in May 2018, “Date From Hell” launched its crowdfunding campaign April 1st, 2018. Offering anything from commemorative T-Shirts, to signed scripts and even movie appearances, this guerrilla film making team lead by Ven Scott (of heavy metal fame with bands like Dead Earth Politics and Runescarred) aims to provide audiences with a twisted, gory little tale. Accompanied by film veterans Tracee Beebe and Brandon Torres, this short will stand apart from any other horror short you might find in the market!

Ever have a date that just doesn’t go quite as expected? As soon as you think things couldn’t get worse, they do. In the most horrible, gory, evil, vile, terrible way?
Susie and Bobby Dean can relate. They just can’t see eye to eye, but they aren’t the ones at each other’s throats. That is someone else altogether.

Follow these two star-crossed lovers as they would escape the clutches of a Lone Stranger. Then follow the Stranger after he gets exactly what he asked for.

There’s nothing like a bloody nightcap after a DATE FROM HELL.


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