Cloaks and Daggers | Short Film | Mission/Vancouver, BC

”…You mean all this time, we could’ve been friends?”

Female friendship (and feud) are very close to my heart. Whilst we are (thankfully!) progressing in the arena of female empowerment, we still often function in hierarchies that lead with fear, aggression, and competition. So…I wrote a film about it.

Cloaks and Daggers is about two women who fight to the metaphorical death for alpha status at the restaurant they work at. I wish I’d seen more films about female competition and its detriments, as well as the power of words when I was younger. I would love this film to get a discussion going amongst women about strength and self-sacrifice versus being ‘on top’. I also wanted to explore the darker sides of the restaurant industry, which is a beast of an industry in and of itself. Thrown into the whole mix are some killer (pun) fight scenes set in a parallel Greek universe….so for any fantasy/magical realism fans out there, this one’s for you!

Myself and my brilliant husband, Jordan Dueck, co-directed it this April, and we had an incredible team of pros willing to surround and support us for FREE. We wanted to make a film that makes an impact. And now we want people to see it. Keep an ear and an eye out for Cloaks and Daggers, coming soon!

Kristina Hampton



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