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Circumstances | Feature Film | Milwaukee, WI

After being away for two years young Keyshawn Watson arrives back in Milwaukee to find his mother and sister in financial straits. Being the man of the house; with no father to rely on; his only example is the very one that removed him from his family to begin with, the streets.

When he links back up with old cronies T.A. and Red he quickly learns that the earnings of prostitution and human trafficking are the order of the day, and with the drive of an olympic champion it isn’t long before Keyshawn achieves the success and economic stability that he set out for.

But his rise to the top is met with a nightmare when the F.B.I. launches an inquiry into his affairs behind the mysterious death of a girl whom he’s known to have relations with. The government places a mole into his organization and it appears they’ve built an airtight case, until the entire investigation is compromised by emotional attachments from one of their own.

BASED ON NOVEL Motivation – Mastering The Game by SWIFT

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