CAN’T | Experimental Short Film | Mumbai, MH

All of us have faced rejection in our lives.

It could be our loved-ones, from people around us or from the  society.

But, have any of us ever talked about our struggles?

Presenting to you the story of 19 year-old ‘Nitin’ – in the first person which will make you feel grateful for what you have rather than what you had.

CAN’T is a story of boy who lives in Mumbai (India) He is from middle class family, He is from Delhi for  his under-graduate degree he shifted to Mumbai. He is staying on rent in one room apartment in Vashi (Mumbai, india) He is doing Bachelors of Arts. He is a person who keep his emotions locked inside due to his childhood experiences, bad relationships with his family, friends. So Mental Tension from childhood made him like this.

Nitin is college going student, he is weak in studies, he is suffering mental frustration, he has no one whom he can talk with, he see negativity everywhere, he has made his life completely isolated from outer world he does not want to meet someone, he has become addicted to Weed, Alcohol because he is escaping from reality, he is getting nightmares all he want is total escapism but his past is following him every day every hour every minute every second , Memories triggers him every time.

In this we want to show perspective of Nitin’s life we tried to show how person feels reacts to things life when he is rejected, heart broken, alone, mentally frustrated,  it is a experimental short-film  in India most of the audience is addicted to spoon feeding, in this movie we initially made those scene where people has to use their brain and think and create their own story, we  made this short film  with zero budget with only one basic camera in one room. We are 3 friends who made this movie without our team work we are unable to make this short-film. We made this short film from zero, for lights we used mobile’s flash light.

Directed By: Ajit Thorbole

DoP: Ajit Thorbole

Written By: Sawan Koul

Editor: Sawan Koul

Chief Assistant Director:

1)  Vabhav Sunita Vitthal Sanap

2) Sawan koul

Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.

Background Music Source: From Various Youtube Channels

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