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CALL ME | Romantic Comedy Web Series | London, ENG

What is unique about “Call Me”? To certain degree, “Call Me” is a very international project. It was created voluntarily by a small group of friends, actors, who share the same passion and love for acting, and who live in three countries (United Kingdom, USA and Nigeria) on three different continents, and who, to overcome the geographic location constrains, film themselves and collaborate with each other over the internet to create creative work of arts.

It is an experimental project, as given that it is a no-production-budget webseries, created primarily for fun, in spare time between our other filming projects, and also, the vast geographic distance between the cast, the scenes are directed by actors themselves and filmed by their local directors of photography and the crew. So far, “Call Me” was filmed in five different locations including: London (England), Atlanta (GA), New York (NY), Lagos (Nigeria), Costa del Sol (Spain) and Świętokrzyskie Province (Poland).

What was the inspiration behind “Call Me”? Over the past few years, I got to know few actors at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and New York and also through other filming project that we worked on together in the past two years, and as time passed, we became friends. Given that we all share the same love for what we do (acting) I came up with an idea of creating a common platform for us where we could do something creative together. The only challenge was that we were all located in different places like: Atlanta (Georgia), New York (New York), London (England) and Lagos (Nigeria) so to overcome this difficulty we had to come up with a story that made sense and that is how “Call Me” came to life.

What is “Call Me” about? “Call Me” is an ongoing series of one-minute-long episodes, a mystery romantic comedy about doctor Vince Williams (portrayed by an international actor Arek Zasowski) and a model Julia (portrayed by American actress Maegan Coker), connected with each other by a mysterious old cell phone (with the only one contact name on its contact list entitled CALL ME) that Vince found whilst he was walking in the forest.

The webseries star Arek Zasowski (as Vince), Maegan Coker (as Julia), Sumit Sharma (as Dylan) and Mary Uranta (as Mary), as well as, other guest stars including: Paul A. Taylor (TV News Anchor), Aemy Niafeliz (singer Aemy) and Cornélie Havas (Nicole).

Earlier in 2018, “Call Me” Theatrical Cut (the pilot consisting of the first three episodes) was announced Finalist in the “Best Web / New Media” Category by Alternative Film Festival (ALTFF) in Toronto, Canada, and few other episodes were selected by Monthly Edition of Miami Independent Film Festival (MINDIE).

You can watch “Call Me” webseries on Vimeo and Instagram.



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