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Buru | Sci-Fi/Horror | Picayune, MS


In the vein of “Apocalypto” meets “Prometheus”.  A small group of primitive people of varied race walk naked and confused through a natural area. One of them is a timid woman carrying a baby that she is very protective of. The self appointed leader of the group is very aggressive and domineering. He is thirsty and hungry like the others, and like them, he doesn’t have a clue how to acquire the things he needs to stay alive. For some reason he doesn’t like the baby or the mother. Perhaps he sees them as a liability. They make camp and the leader hears voices coming from a seemingly bottomless pit that he has discovered but hides from the others. That’s not all: there is something else lurking in the darkness. Where are these people from? How did they get here? Will they learn how to acquire food, water and shelter? Will they discover fire? Can they learn to live together?


My name is Justin Havard. I’m a Navy veteran of 13 years and a senior-year film student at the University of Southern Mississippi. Just trying to make the best film that I could possibly make at this current time, with the help of other students and folks from the local film industry. I hope to tour with this film to many festivals.

I was inspired to create this film because of my love of primitive people and survival skills, and my love of mind-bending sci-fi films. I spent a lot of time in the woods as a kid, I just have such an affinity for nature. I would pretend to be Indiana Jones or a Native American Scout or a Navy SEAL, to move with the landscape. I went to primitive survival school as an adult and love keeping up with those skills. That’s my inspiration. I’ve studied how primitive people used to walk, how to forage for food, nature awareness, fire-starting, shelter-building; all from a primitive perspective. I’m always amazed at what our ancestors were capable of, and how most of us in society have all these crutches. We cling to our technology, gear, things that come from industry. We’re separated and distracted from reality. I’ve always wanted to make a film that demonstrates people connected and in awe of reality. To capture that feeling of: how would you act if your surroundings were new to you. To see the world with new eyes every day, every hour, every minute.


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