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Bunker | Dark Comedy | Melbourne, AU

Five women manage to escape the horrors of the rapture by hiding in a friend’s underground bunker. In the sanctity of the bunker, they must plan for their future, even if the world is indeed coming to an end.


Production wrapped on “Bunker”, last week and now all we have to do is to sit back and relax as we await the “release” from the bunker. Expect the first announcement of completion around August 2018.


Each character, except for one carries a certain, yet subtle trait/disorder. The characters were imagined up using the symptoms of Delusional Disorder, Paranoia, Dissociative Amnesia with fugue, Narcissistic personality disorder, Hypomania and borderline mania.
Although this film is a comedy, it in no way aims disrespect any patients of the above mentioned illnesses. Instead the undertone to this film will be to erase the stigma of mental illness in our societies today.

Happy Bunking!



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