Broken | Drama Short Film | Vancouver, BC

Broken is the story of Cate, a depressed nineteen-year-old girl, has never had an easy home life. Her stepfather Garet abused her from an early age, and her alcoholic mother Deirdre never noticed. With Garet on his deathbed, Deirdre is drinking more than ever, and Cate’s sister Aemelia lashes out at Cate for being unsupportive. As he starts to slip towards death, Cate realizes she may never be able to confront her abuser. In her own form of vengeance, she swaps his painkillers with placebos. She starts to take those painkillers to numb the pain years of trauma have caused, unaware they they contain a highly addictive ingredient: Fentanyl. As Garet’s state worsens, so does Cate’s, until one day his organs shut down, and Cate overdoses. The women of the family have to come together to overcome their struggles.

We wanted to tell a story of overcoming life’s struggles to become a better version of yourself. Sexual abuse and the Fentanyl crisis are such huge issues right now, so we wanted to raise awareness and let people struggling know that they are not alone.

We need funding to get this movie made, so you can vote through Storyhive until Friday the 6th of April to help us win. Thank you!



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