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Break In | Thriller Short Film | London, ENG

Break in is the second project from the Walk With W team which was scripted and edited by Jamal Walker. Break in is a psychological thriller all about one girl “Esther” played by Jeana Adu, a young up and coming female actress from east London.

Everyone enjoys a night out partying, drinking with friends, with family, maybe even with your partner, but there is always a time when you have to call it a night and go home. The story of Break in follows Esther as she comes back home from a good night out, tipsy and just ready for her bed. Its been a long night and her phone is dead, all she wants to do is get a big glass of water, take off her make up and go to her bed and that’s what she does. As she lays on the bed trying to get comfortable she realises that she’s missing something “wait… where’s my phone?” Esther mumbles to herself, then remembers she left it in the kitchen when she poured her glass of water. She slowly gets up frustrated that she has to move, and makes her way to her bedroom door. As soon as she reaches the door she hears these noises; she stops to listen. It sounds like someone is in her house. In a panic she slams the door closed and listens to hear what is going on, then she hears two knocks on the bedroom door. She screams out to the person in her house “get the fuck out of my house! I’m calling the police!” the house goes silent then Esther doesn’t know what to do, she starts to panic and makes a run for the front door but when she reaches it the door is locked, she turns around grabbing her phone and runs back to her room slamming the door closed and putting the dead phone on charge hoping that she can call the police. She runs back to the door, then a note slides under the door saying ‘that’s not your phone’

To find out the rest you will need to watch break in on youtube

Walk with w is an east London based media company who focus on making great quality entertainment with compelling and interesting stories for all ages, we take pride in everything we do and we believe it shows in our work. If any questions or if anyone is interested in working with us please email us at

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