Beyond the Bridge | Drama Short Film | Dallas, TX

Beyond the Bridge is a story about mental health told through the lives of three people. An award winning therapist dealing with the guilt of losing his twin brother to suicide, a 2nd generation Cuban-American afraid to reveal his true identity as gay and a washed-up rock star battling addiction in the midst of losing it all.

Dr. Dahneesh Sanders dedicated his life to the research of mental illness after the death of his brother Danny. Following the release of his book entitled ‘Beyond the Bridge’, Dahneesh attempts to rid his guilt and redeem himself by providing therapy to a teenage boy who reminds him of his fallen brother.

Sammy Jiminez has been hiding the fact that he’s gay for over half of his life. He’s given up. Each day is just a measurement of time counting down to its inevitable end. The thought of being rejected by his father is worse than death and the glimmer of hope that he might be accepted by his dad is the only thing keeping him alive.

Kano Hibiki has lost everything worth living for in his life. His band. His girlfriend. His daughter. He finds himself on a path of self-destruction before a serendipitous encounter with an admirer.

Three people… Three separate lives… all connected by their desire to make sense of their individual realities.

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