Ash | Post-Apocalyptic Drama Short Film | Sacramento, CA

Imagine a world several years after a nuclear war has decimated almost all of humanity. Nature returns to the forefront of the world, taking back the massive cities built by mankind. Forests grow where we used to thrive and what’s left of humanity must scavenge every day just to survive. “Ash” is a cautionary tale that follows a father and his young daughter Eve as they sit around a fire one night, enjoying the sounds of nature and the stars above them. The daughter asks for a story, her father tells of a time just after Eve was born, when cities, men, and greed ruled the world and how everything came crashing down in a firey storm of hate and war.

In the all to real world that we live in now, this future is a possibility. The reduction of our national parks, desecration of our natural resources, and the world full of greedy, hateful men with their hands on the nuclear button.

Our short film “Ash,” is a catiounary story about the world as it would be if we don’t change. For we believe we can alter the world to our own desires, but nature will always survive, and we will be the ones to go.

Currently in pre-production, this film is our most ambitious work yet. The most cinematic, most impactful, and most touching film we’ve made. After a year of creating well-made short films with no budget we look to”Ash” as our first fully funded film!

For this we have taken to kickstarter to gather a small budget of $2000 to invest in cast, crew, costumes, and most importantly: high grade post-production visual effects! This film will have the most extensive visual effects work we have attempted.

In order to complete our vision of this touching and dramatic world we look to the community to donate what they can for an assortment of awards! Help our dream come true and check out the link to see our campaign. There you will find the rewards, concept art, inspirations, and a video detailing our plan for the post-apocalyptic drama, “Ash.”




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