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Architecture and life. What answers does one have for the other? What if we were to build our lives like we build sustainable houses: in harmony with our surroundings, consuming no artificially generated energy. So that we live without wasting food, time, our energy, or our talents…

Inspired by the principles of sustainable architecture Inessa Kraft wrote, produced, directed, and starred in an adventurous, philosophical, and fun film “Architecture Life Dialogue”.

The secret of sustainable houses is that they are built in harmony with nature. Through the adventures of people who start acting in harmony with their surroundings, Inessa Kraft presents the topic of the sharing economy.

According to Time magazine, the sharing economy is an idea that would change the world. In her film “Architecture Life Dialogue” Inessa Kraft embraces this statement and shows the world that people couldn’t even imagine before. The future described in the film is based on simple real actions that individuals are taking today. And Inessa is sure this future is possible by 2030. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is blurring the borders. Individuals (ordinary modern people) create meaningful connections thanks to the sharing/peer-to-peer economy. In the film, we see how their actions can lead to the world with quality education, zero hunger, affordable and clean energy, decent work, economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, without damage to the environment, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production.

In the film we see characters hosting travellers, car sharing, food sharing, and also one funny character, (played by a talented actor Robin Schroeter) who are trying to apply old economical habits and old philosophy to this new idea, helping us to see that Inessa Kraft is talking about something new and different.

The film was premiered internationally in May 2019 on the United Nations “Sustainable Development Goals” Global Festival of Action, (Bonn, Germany) where the film was screened alongside 10 other films. Besides the quality of the films and clarity of their messages, all selected pieces had one common line that made them stand out from the hundreds of submitted films: their focus is not only about raising awareness on today’s complex issues and challenges but also to showcase opportunities that are emerging everywhere to take action and find local solutions.

The session to congratulate the Directors whose films made it to the final list was webcast via UNWebTV to reach out to a broad audience worldwide.


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