Alabaster | Science Fiction Short Film | Los Angeles, CA

Alabaster is a new short film spearheaded by the award-winning director Zachary Valdry. In the near future when a disease strikes that threatens humanity, the government takes matters into its own hands and decides to use homeless people as part of their experiments to cure the disease. Then without warning a young sister and brother living within a small homeless camp are taken from their home forcing the sister to fight and get back her brother from a sadistic doctor. All while going against strange androids known only as the Red Lapel’s, lackeys created as a new type of security guard.

On a grander scale, we aim to ask the important questions about the individual person and their role within a larger society. More specifically a society that, when crumbling, thinks it is okay to experiment on the people that we decide to ignore. It shows the cold indifferent attitude that must be adopted in order to create such atrocities, such as the ones presented in Alabaster. And while Alabaster presents the viewer with a warped but realistic view of humanity it also provides a healthy dose of action and entertainment, from high stakes chase sequences to a wisecracking protagonist. This is a high concept film that deals with a lot of science fiction elements, similar to films such as Eyes Without a Face and Elysium, at least on a thematic level. However, with all of these ideas in mind, the core of the film resides in the desire for a sister to save her brother.

To connect this personally, I made this script and am creating this film as a way to deal with the fears I have about moving on, the fears I have about being unable to control my fate and having others control it for me. About losing the people I love around me and doing everything in my power to save them even if it’s impossible. That impossible, foolish drive, which gives life meaning, to not only drive away loved ones but at the same time want to bring them closer. Which leads to an understanding that you don’t know which way is right and which way is wrong and being unable to come to terms with how you should deal with difficult situations.

This film is currently in the development phase and is currently looking for funding. We plan to take the film to festivals to generate interest and once the film is created we hope to turn the film into a Feature, which can go into more depth about the ideas presented within.



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