AGINAL | Drama Short Film | Rio de Janeiro/Berlin, BR/HR

‘AGINAL’ is my second mobile movie. Before, between 2015 and 2016 I travelled through England and Brazil, and decided to gather the images of this trip and make a short film that I called ‘WOODGREEN’. ‘WOODGREEN’ was recently at the African Smartphone Film Festival (Nigeria), debuted in Portugal at Samartfest.Co and is still competing at the Super 9 Mobile Film Festival. ‘AGINAL’ is a film thought cinematically despite being filmed with a mobile device. The creative concept is metamorphosed into the idea that nowadays we are increasingly vulnerable to the ephemerality of affective relationships in the personal forum, which also extends to human relations in general, but especially to those that occur in social networks. Although we were in the Age of Image, photography was devalued due to the photographic act’s vulgarization and also because the process of photographic creation became more accessible and immediate and the criteria were diluted. It is to awaken this loss of genuineness and to highlight the beauty of the communion between Being and Nature, physically, that I decided to edit this film considering the video images and the photos that Kristin Bethge (photographer and actress in the film) was capturing throughout our stay in Rio de Janeiro and then in Berlin between January and September 2017.
‘A G I N A L’
A short film by Welket Bungué

“You can not photograph to forget. Kris Linn loves to photograph nature, but this delight has her days counted because with each passing day she will forget the places she has gone. From Dois Irmãos Hill in Rio de Janeiro to the Tiergarten Park in Berlin, Kris looks for the perfect place for perfect photography that unites the vivid impermanence of nature and the presence of her friend Mayo. ”

Drama, Color and B&W, Portuguese (Br) 14′ – Brazil, Germany, 2018

KUSSA Productions

Kristin Bethge – Kris Linn
Welket Bungué – Welket Mayo
Carioca Taxidriver

Welket Bungué

Welket Bungué

Welsau Bungué

Written and Directed by
Welket Bungué

Filmed with WIKO Pulp

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