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Adulting with Jane, a new comedy digital series will premiere three episodes online starting Tuesday, October 22, 2019 on ROKU, Chromecast, Amazon, Vimeo, Apple TV and

Adulting with Jane is a new short DIY Comedy series– think sitcom meets how-to video with a different expert/influencer appearing in each episode to teach Jane how to adult. For example, “Jane Learns How to Sew a Button” or “Jane Learns How to Contact Her Senator” In addition to being a palatable way to learn new skills, Adulting with Jane will be the first narrative series ever to feature shoppable video technology. When you see and like a featured product in the show, you can click on it, buy it on the spot, and easily return to the episode.

The series will launch in partnership with Thrive NYC/National Mental Health First Aid, Project Repat, and with affiliate partnerships with MasterClass, NerdWallet, Target, Today Tix, and a handful of other for-profit and not for profit brands that have a large young adult target demographic. Adulting with Jane’s operating company, Intent Entertainment LLC’s mission for this show is to partner with brands, people, and products that share an aim to serve the personal development and quality-of-life improvement goals of millennials and Gen-Z ers.

The open-ended comedic e-learning series was hatched in the creative mind of Creator/Executive Producer Jenny Paul with the help of Co-Executive Producer Elvin Roytman, Producer Jonathan Paul and Director/Producer Samantha Saltzman. The cast is led by Ms. Paul as Jane, an average millennial with average millennial problems and a star-studded cast of expert/influencers in each season to teach Jane how to “adult.” The supporting cast and creative team is loaded with successful New York City-based up-and-comers across the entertainment industry.

Adulting with Jane is directed by Samantha Saltzman, whose work includes Resident Director of Broadway’s Matilda the Musical, Director of the Bryant Park Christmas Tree Lighting Spectacular and of award-winning films Idle Worship and Parent-Teacher Conference; she has directed hundreds of fantastic performers from Jane Krokowski to Kevin Kline to Kermit the Frog in her many years as a theatrical and tv/film director in NYC.

Watch the first three episodes on October 22, and stay tuned for new episodes on all platforms by subscribing at For more information,, Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest (@AdultingJane). 


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