Achetna – Subconscious | Psychological Thriller Short Film | Mumbai, MH

‘Achetna – Subconscious’ is a short Psychological Thriller that has won a number of awards at various International Film Festivals. Here is the list of awards:

1. Best Screenwriter of the month at 12MFF (Romania)
2. Special Mention- Sound Design at Five Continents International Film Festival (Venezuela)
3. Honorable Mention – Best Thriller Short Film at Oniros Film Awards (Italy)
4. Best Foreign Thriller at Texas Ultimate Shorts
5. Nominee for Best Cinematography at Genre Selection Festival
6. Nominee for Best Actor, Best Editing and Best Cinematography at TOP Indie Film Awards 2018
7. Finalist at Wendy’s Shorts Awards
8. Semi Finalist at Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival, San Mauro Film Festival and Best Of India Short Film Festival

The film was shot in a short span of 3 hours and the crew consisted of only two members, Yogesh Sharma as the Director and Dikshant Sharma as the Actor. The camera used for shooting the film was a Canon 80D DSLR with prime lenses. It is a micro budget short film by 9D Production.

Achetna- Subconscious is an experiment that is different from other regular short films. The film aims to film aims to present a different perspective of a person and the connection between the protagonist and his subconscious mind. The film was a pre-planned experiment. Half of the film was shot in 2014 and other half was shot in 2018 to justify some points.

Synopsis – A man, unknown of his own identity, wakes up in an isolated country house, to find himself all alone in the entire village. The only person he can contact is an unknown caller.

The film has been shot on beautiful and exclusive locations in Bapora, Bhiwani, Haryana and Mumbai.

This film is a dark psychological thriller that will make the viewers uncomfortable yet intrigued and will give the viewers an unexpected twist in the end.

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