Volunteer Student Film Vancouver Casting Call

Student Film

Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): Various
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: November Dates
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
Production Title: Satisfaction Guaranteed
Union/Non-Union: Open to Non-Union and Union
Type: Masters Student Thesis Short Film (working professionals)
Genre: Dark Comedy
Project Length: 7 minutes
Location: Vancouver
Prod Co: Sarah Hedar Productions
Director: Sarah Hedar
Producers: Jeremy Leroux & Michelle Muldoon
Compensation: Volunteer, Food & Snacks Provided on set, copy of scene for your demo reel, copy of film once 1st festival run complete (if applicable)
Rehearsals: Must be available for a rehearsal day between November 21 & November 27th
Shooting Friday November 29th daytime & Saturday November 30th overnight (approx. 7pm-7am)
These are intended to be universal roles and are open to all ethnicities. Indigenous women & women of colour are strongly encouraged to apply.
Submission Instructions: Please submit headshot & reel. Sides will be emailed to t hose shortlisted for self-tape. If you have 2 read options, I’d love to see them. Full script available upon request. Submit by Noon Thursday November 14th.
After failing to fix her broken life and bad habits with self-help books, a desperate woman returns to the New Age bookstore and demands a refund for her life. The store manager however, offers her a more lucrative option. Accept death and while in purgatory, write a self-help book.
Character BIOS
VERA (Gender: Female, Age: 45-70)
Vera has read every self-help book on the market, bought all the crystals and chanted every mantra but she did not transcend the negative emotions that bother the rest of us. She’s spent so much time with her nose in the books to “be better”, no one was left when she looked up.
SHANTI (Gender: Female, Age: 30-55)
Shanti is the store clerk at the new age bookstore, the gatekeeper. She walks the line between oblivious and trickster genius. Is she ignoring you, seeing through you or pushing you past the brink of your own limits?
THEA (Gender: Female, Age: 50-80)
Thea is the manager at the new age bookstore. She has seen it all and knows that this too shall pass. She is peace and understanding incarnate.

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