Volunteer Casting Call for Vancouver Short Film

Teal Rhino Media

Job Position(s): Actor
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 30 - 45
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: December 6th
Compensation: $50
Union Status: Non-Union
Casting Call for 30-45 year old Male
Shoot date: Sunday, December 6th.
10-12 minute short film, shot in North Burnaby
Role: Mark- a homeless veteran suffering from PTSD.
Synopsis: Mark is brought back to Todd’s house to be given a bed and shower. Things go sour during the evening and Mark is killed by Todd.
The Film is an Alagory for how Veterans are looked at and poorly treated, especially those who are homeless and suffering from PTSD.
Non-Union. $50 dollars for the day along with copy of finished film for reels, and a festival run.
Please send demo reels.
We will be sending out sides for Audition Tapes till December 2nd.
Covid: We will be shooting with a small skeleton crew. Crew will be wearing masks. Location will be sanitized as best as it can be for a home.
Disclaimer: The end of the short film includes a small stunt(being tackled to the ground in a controlled manor) as well as being shirtless in a shower scene to show battle scars on Marks back(no nudity)

To apply for this job email your details to TealRhinoMedia@gmail.com