Volunteer Casting Call for Student Short Film

Student Film

Job Position(s): Casting Call
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: July 21 - 22
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union

I am looking for actors for upcoming student short-film.

Project Title: I Miss You Margaret (Short film 3-4 minutes)
Union/Non-Union: Student / Non-Union
Posted: 16/07/20
Shooting Location: TBD (possibly Langley/Coquitlam)
Production Company: FiLM4SECOND Productions
Director: Danny Choi
Producer: Infocus Film School, Danny Choi
Audition: Self-tape
Script availability: Via E-mail
Shooting Dates: July 21-22 (2 days shoot)

LOGLINE: An elderly woman reminisces on a love from long ago. However, the current circumstances of that relationship seem lost.

SYNOPSIS: This is a romantic drama about Margaret and a lost relationship she reminisces about. When Margaret puts on a sweater of this person she used to know she is overwhelmed. She is left alone, placed far away from this man she still loves dearly. Instead, she is in the company of a complete stranger.

Submission Instructions: Please submit headshot and resume

This production is a Student film, non-union, and volunteer.
Food will be provided by the production to the actors/crews.
Precautions will be take for COVID-19. Mask are mandatory on the set. Hand sanitizer will be available on the set for actors/crews.

Margaret, 70s, is a quiet but emotional lady with dementia. She enjoys spending time at her favourite window in the living room, contemplating whatever may cross her mind. Her soul-mate Jack is the only person who matters to her. However, that is only the case when he crosses her mind.

Jack, 70s, is an appreciative and giving person. He loves Margaret more than anything in the world. When she started to experience dementia his desire to be with her was strengthened even more. Although, he is more than content to still be by her side, he still cannot help but fondly remember the great times they used to have.

Young Margaret
20s, is a quiet but energetic young women. She meets Jack for the first time in the beach where their relationship starts.

Young Jack
20s, is an appreciative and giving person. He meets Margaret for the first time in the beach and falls in love with her.

Audition piece: Script provided upon request.
Compensation: Demo-reel and food will be provided on the day of shoot.

Submit application by: Saturday, July 17th, 2020.