Volunteer Actors in Toronto for Horror Film

Lab Films Lewis

July 27th, filming in Richmond Hill.

“An evil tv show featuring a puppet and his cowboy friend mesmerize and kill their audience”. An 80s throwback horror. This is a volounteer position, everyone involved is doing this to add to their reels, practise and try something new. If that suits you. Please apply.

Any gender and any ethnicity

Tim – Tim is a catatonic person, stuck in a wheelchair, unable to speak or look away from the horrifying tv show draining his life away.

Ronnie – late 20s or above . A cable repairman who comes to check up on Tim. Cheery and freindly.

Mikey – 20s A burglar intent on robbing Tim. A criminal who lacks most morals.

Daisy – 20s Mikey’s partner in crime. Far more innocent and curious.

Nathan – 30/40 a dorky family friend who checks in on Tim.

Darla – late 20s, Tim’s sister who comes to find out why no one has heard from him.

Andy – 20s a heavy smoker who breaks Into abandoned and empty homes.

All ethnicities and genders are welcome to apply for each role.

Email your Cv, demo reel and headshot.

To apply for this job email your details to labfilmslewis@gmail.com