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RENAISSANCE is a video art piece that contrasts the beauty of religious artworks with gang reality. As MARY, Jesus’ daughter, bleeds out her love and devotion for her father, she comes to navigate the harsh realities of separation, distance and unconditional love. As Jesus devotes his time and energy to his gang, he progressively leaves Mary behind. He pushes and pushes until he is betrayed and shot to death. As each of his followers escape the scene, Mary is the only one there. Coming out of the shadows, she embraces her father and still bleeds her unconditional love.

Jesus | 30 | Male

Having always been a man of the people, Jesus strives to inspire confidence, compassion and unconditional love to all. As he is completely and utterly devoted to his cause and gang, he tends to unintentionally cast a shadow upon his closest ally: MARY.

Peter | 20-50 | Male

Devoted to JESUS’ message, Peter embodies humility and piety. He is one of Jesus’s most loyal followers. And prônes the gang’s ideologies with great honour and devotion.

Paul | 20-50 | Male

Paul is considered to be the right hand of Jesus. He is assertive and firm in his beliefs. He does not handle disrespect towards Jesus very well.

Judas | 20-50 | Male

Judas was st some point JESUS’ closest confidant. Previously a man of loyalty, he grows to become more and more influençable. Due to his views of the world having been compromised by a rival gang, he ends up betraying Jesus’ trust after “pulling the trigger”.

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