Vancouver Feature Film Casting Call


Job Position(s): Casting Call
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: Feature Film
Job Date: TBD
Compensation: Potential Pay
Union Status: Non-Union
Hi everyone, We’re looking for the majority of a cast for an upcoming feature film. contact us, and we’ll send you the details of the auditions. This is a non-union job; however, there is a possibility of pay at the end of production if this gets picked up by a larger production company, if this happens you will be paid in cash. filming will start sometime in late August-early September and will probably last until late October- early November. This film will be seen at film festivals. I’m an independent filmmaker with Outmoded Productions. We specialize in grassroots productions, so it’s a good stepping stone for anyone who wants to dip their feet into the film industry and be able to hone their creative potential, this includes cast and crew. We have an upcoming feature film in the works and we’re looking to add some more talent, either amateur or experienced into this film.
this is the general gist and story of the film as well as the cast required
Dark Comedy/Satire
The story takes place in a city that is in the present, but in a fictional nation, where legal contract killers have been allowed to kill certain targets. the story revolves around three contract killers who are poor and failing to earn any money in the business, the story progresses as they get more desperate to survive and make a living in this nation
RICHTER: the serious, de facto leader of the group, skilled, (think george clooney in from dusk till dawn), always dressed semi-formally, never any wrinkles in clothing, meticulous. confident when walking, head up shoulders back, rigid, as the story progresses, he slowly shows clear signs of psychopathy, 28-35 years old, should to be able to drive
HORTON: a more relaxed and snarky, childish figure, skilled (Think kikuchiyo in seven samurai), Dresses with eccentricity, wrinkled clothes, more slouched, free with body, 23-30 years old, should be able to drive
MIKA: a learning figure, amateur, dresses in a unique way, as if trying to imitate a pop-punky/ rockstarish look, I’ll let the actor choose how they want to. Not weak or annoying 18-24 years, should be able to drive
(all three of the main cast are platonic friends.)
DONATOR: Really anyone for this role, just have to be somewhat fit, and not move awkwardly
RIFLEMAN: Literally no specific traits/ requirements needed, just don’t sound awkward when you say your lines, act as if you were in this scenario
GUITAR PLAYER/OMAR REDDING: Just needs to be able to play one song on a guitar or some instrument decently ok, must have a visible birthmark even when fully clothed, so arms, lower legs, face, neck, feet or hands, it would be better if they are able to drive, nice, calm chill demeanor, possibly a little hippie-like 18-24 year old
GUY: a jaded worker who is pretty rigid, dislikes hunters, better if you look older 22-30 years old
KARWOK KANG: The “antagonist” A leader of a terrorist/freedom fighting movement. have to sound menacing, yet still have to show clear signs of pathos, always serious, intense. best for this role to be for someone with a great physical shape, big, as well as it’s better if you look older (think jocko willink for this role)
40-55 years old
COPS: Need a few, one may have a speaking role
GUARDS: preferably bigger, taller people
CITIZENS: just walk when I tell you to, simple stuff

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