Vancouver Casting Call!!

Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): Various
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: See Post
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
CASTING CALL *volunteer*
“YARROW” (Working Title)
Independent Short-film (SFU)
Director: Amir El Ezaby
Casting Director: Maria Dontsova
Submission Information: Please submit headshots, resume, demo reel and any other relevant information with subject “[Your Name] – [Character Name]”
Compensation: No monetary compensation, demo reel footage, food provided, IMDB credit
Audition Date: October 5th & 6th, 2019
Shooting Dates: October 18th, 19th, 20th, 2019
Nova moves back in with her family after three years of taking care of her sick grandmother, who has now passed away. During her sister’s birthday party, Nova notices her mother’s grief but finds it difficult to help due to her mother’s determined fortitude.
Nova, 20-24, female oldest child, must have a valid driving license – some scenes require minor driving
After graduating high school, Nova moved in with her sick grandmother whom she took care of for three years. Away from her younger siblings and friends, Nova matured into a self-sufficient woman. She found purpose in taking care of her grandma. Her introspection has derived from her pastoral routine which allowed her to develop a progressing meditative process. She uses this process in dealing with her grief, and eventually to help her mother with hers. Moving back in with her family, Nova is faced with old challenges – dealing with her younger siblings, sharing a small home with four and unknown purpose. She instinctively wants to help her mother when she sees the pain that she tries to hide.
Bonnie, 40-50, female, mother
Bonnie has been debating whether or not to move to her sick mother’s town for the last four years. Her mother’s illness prevented her from joining them, eight hours away. Occupied with having to care for four children single-handedly, she was unable to help her own mother. Bonnie’s opportunity ceases when her mother passes. She uses Olivia’s birthday party to avoid her grief.
Aria, 11-14, female, second oldest child
Since Nova moved out, Aria has been the oldest in the house for the last three years. She looks up to her sister’s maturity and strives to become as self-reliant. Aria is reserved from her younger siblings due to their age difference.
Zach, 8-10, male, third oldest child
Zach is a ringleader amongst his friends; loud and authoritative. His impulsiveness makes him reckless.
Olivia, 6, female, youngest child (performers aged older that look younger are preferred)
Olivia enjoys being in the spotlight. She admires Zach’s leadership and follows him.
Bonnie and Nova must be available for all shooting dates. Aria, Zach and Olivia are only required for final two shooting dates.
For Aria, Zach and Olivia, non-actors/minor experienced performers are welcome.
Director’s note:
For the roles of Nova and Bonnie: you are invited to bring your own humanity to the story. You will be given a lot of freedom to explore your characters in a collaborative, heavily-process-based approach.
For the roles of Zach and Olivia: The auditions will not involve many lines. We are looking for performers whose natural tendencies align with these characters. Having worked as a director at a film camp, I have four years of experience working with dozens of child actors.

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