Unpaid Casting Call Los Angeles

Her Self Motion Pictures

Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): Various
Project Type: Student Film
Job Date: November 22
Compensation: Unpaid
Union Status: Non-Union

CASTING CALL from Rialene Nel
Her Self Motion Pictures

I am currently producing a political drama short about racial segregation during the Apartheid era in South Africa, 1986.

Premise: The journey of Ragel, a Caucasian South African teenager who grew up during Apartheid, finding Margaret, the maid who raised her, who disappeared without reason when she was a little girl. Ragel confronts Margaret about leaving and discovers that everything is not always black and white.

This is an ultra-low-budget student film with a high production value, up and coming directors, and great content for your reel.
The roles are unpaid.
Meal, copy, and credit guaranteed.



African, female. (40 – 60) Mother figure. She is a strong-willed woman who can carry an entire household in her palm. She is empathetic and warm-hearted.


Caucasian, male. (23 – 30) Willem is the parental older brother, always looking out for everyone else. He is dominant and takes lead when the parents are absent. A little facial scruff is a bonus. (Must have a good grasp on South African accent.)

Jan Petrus: (17 – 20)

Caucasian, Male. Annoying youngest brother. Has a good sense of humor and is very easy-going Easily influenced by Willem. Often the peace-maker. Innocent-looking. (Must have a good grasp on South African accent.)


To apply for this job email your details to rialenenel07@gmail.com