Thesis Film Casting Call!

Job Position(s): Actors and Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 18 - 50
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: February 25 - March 2
Compensation: Unpaid
Union Status: Non-Union
CASTING CALL! A senior thesis short film shooting February 25-March 2, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
Synopsis: Heartbroken by the sudden death of her father, a woman’s world starts to change around her as the number 1037 keeps bringing her good luck. However, as she learns more about what or who is sending her these signs, she must decide if she wants to follow the life the number wants for her, or lead her own life.
Please email all submissions, resumes, headshots, reels, etc no later than January 22nd. Please DO NOT DM ME.
ELEANOR (early 30s, Open Ethnicity) – FEMALE. A go-getter who needs to come into herself and spread her wings as an adult. Worked her way through law school and now works at a corporate law firm as an associate. Slightly competitive, indecisive, and kind hearted. She wants to be a lawyer to help other people, but she also wants to please the people she loves – especially her dad. Dealing with dad’s death puts her life/priorities on hold. Best friends with Ryan.
RYAN (18-25, Caucasian (ideally a red head) or Open Ethnicity) – MALE. Loyal sidekick/confidant to Eleanor. He’s a summer intern at the law firm where Eleanor works at. Brutally honest, loyal, and a firecracker. He wants the best for Eleanor even if that means telling her what she doesn’t want to hear. He’s also learning that the corporate world isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Best friends with Eleanor and has an undying admiration for her.
DEREK REID (30-45, Caucasian) – MALE. Frat-guy meets trust-fund incarnate. Came from privilege and worked his way up as a partner at a corporate law firm. A typical “guys” guy, cocky, and somewhat abrasive. Wants to keep the corporate environment casual, although he knows the reality that law isn’t always exactly about justice, it’s about whoever your client is. Eleanor and Ryan’s boss.
JACKSON MYERS (14-18, Open Ethnicity) – MALE. A young teen trapped in the middle of a custody battle. Son of Moira Myers. Independent, decisive, and knowledgeable. He wants to be liberated from his parents household and find his own walk of life. He represents everything Eleanor is lacking, and through their relationship, they help each other.
MOIRA MYERS (35-50, Open Ethnicity) – FEMALE. A mother struggling to keep her family together. Mother of Jackson Myers. Determined, desperate, and teasing. She wants to keep Jackson on her side in order to preserve her family and hurt her ex-husband. She is somewhat deceiving and willing to do whatever it takes to keep Jackson.

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