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Executive Producer Credit for Basement/Garden Wall Location

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Short Art Films for Festivals

We are looking for a specific location for our upcoming short project: a prison cell. The story is European-inspired; it is based on actual events that happened at a Gulag type, Stalinist prison camp.

The challenge is that even a small, real prison cell might be less than ideal, as we wouldn’t have enough room for the small crew to fit around the actors (only two). So, a larger basement, garage, or stone garden wall will work, around which we can build one or two removable walls and a door. Ideally, when done, we should have enough room to lay down dolly tracks for the camera.

We will use wood and plastic and paint the fixture. Constructing the set will take about three weeks, during which we will come periodically to work on it. After that, we will setup and test the lighting and do some test shoots, then adjust things and do it again until it is right.

Finally, we would shoot the film in about a week, coming most days for 6-10 hours, as needed. We won’t need much besides 1-2 existing stone/concrete/cinder block walls and electricity.

We are based near NYC, but will travel for the right location.

Offering Executive Producer Credit for the person or company providing the location.

We target festivals worldwide, including Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, and Venice, Sundance, SFSW and some Hungarian fests.

If you need IMDB credits, this will be a great way to get it!

Please get in touch and share your ideas regarding the location/set.

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