Student Short Film Casting Call for Volunteer Roles!

Student Film

Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): Various See Post
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: January 22 - 25
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
Title: Confessional
York University Student Short Film
Both Union and Non-Union actors accepted
Unpaid, food and transportation covered if necessary
Shoot Dates: January 22-25th, 2021
Please submit headshots and resumes (and demo reel if available)
Auditions: via self-tape and zoom
Shooting Location: Toronto, GTA
Note About Covid-19: The production team and our set are dedicated to adhering to all COVID-19 guidelines set out by the Province of Ontario and York University at the time of filming.
Rachael is a teenage girl living in a strict catholic home and attending a modern public school. Both her religious family and the workers at school are concerned for her well-being and development but have opposing views on how she should live her life. Unbeknownst to either of them, she is having a secret romantic affair with a much older man in her church. One day, after being scared by some particularly ominous bible verses, Rachael feels guilty enough to confess it to her school guidance counsellor, resulting in consequences she is not entirely prepared for.
RACHAEL female (16,17yrs), caucasian
Rachael has grown up in a strict catholic home her entire life and has always been extremely obedient to her parents. While her parents have made her attend choir practice after school to keep her out of trouble, she is in the midst of a relationship with the choir director – a man almost as old as her father. Rachael’s guilt surrounding this is threatening to consume her, as she feels ashamed to talk about it.
THOMAS male (35-45yrs)
Thomas is Rachael’s choir director at her church, as well as the man she is having a secret affair with. He comes over for dinner sometimes as he is also a family friend. He tells Rachael that he cares a lot about her and reassures her everything will be alright. He also gives her books of eighteenth century romantic poetry to read.
MIRANDA female (35-50yrs)
Miranda is Rachael’s guidance counsellor at her public high school. Miranda is very much about positivity in sexual health and de-stigmatizing the surrounding conversation about awkward sexual taboos such as masturbating. She views the Catholic Church as extremely backwards, and is very worried for Rachael’s understanding of healthy relationships growing up in a strict religious environment.
SUSAN female (40-50yrs) caucasian
Susan is Rachael’s mother and a strict Catholic. She is very concerned with what ‘young people are being taught in schools these days’ and has put Rachael in choir practise after school so that Rachael will spend as much time with the church as possible. Her worst fear is that Rachael will get into trouble like the other girls her age.
CRAIG male (40-50yrs) caucasian
Craig is Rachael’s father. He doesn’t want Rachael to date until ‘after college’ and is pretty comfortable that she is a good catholic girl. He is generally quite oblivious to anything about his daughter’s life or that this illegal relationship is going on right underneath his nose.

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