Student Film Short in Los Angeles Looking For Cast

Student Film

Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: February 27 - March 8
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
Production title: Trapped ​ ​(Chapman MFA Thesis)
Union / Non-Union: Union​
Production Type: Student​
Project length: Short (20 minutes)​
Production location: Riverside/Orange County/LA​
Production Company: Chapman University​
Director: Sarah Hendry​
Producer: Alex Iseri​
Casting Director: Jacob Herman​
Paid: Gas compensation​ and meals/crafty provided
January 24th, January 25th, 2020
Call Backs: February 1st, 2020​
Shooting Starts: February 27th, 2020​ Shooting Ends: March 8th, 2020​
“Trapped” is about a young woman who is ready to move into the next stage of her life–going to college. Stuck in a more isolated, rural town, Max finds herself becoming more distanced from the community as her ambitions become more cemented. However, Max’s ambitions come at the cost of her relationship with her mother, Ruth. Their strained and tense relationship finally boils over as Max struggles to find stability in her ever-changing family relationships.
Character BIOS
Max is a young woman who gets accepted into college. She wants to have a more normalized
relationship with her mother and peace as she moves into the next chapter of her life. Max is introverted, reserved, diplomatic to a fault, and struggles to say how she really feels. She must learn how to be assertive and speak up for herself.
Max’s girlfriend, back home from university for a break. Lucy is care-free and extroverted, and wants to support Max’s life goals, even if it means they’ll be apart. Lucy knows Max’s problems at home, and her goal is to help Max move forward into the future with her.
Max’s mother, a woman run down by a life of work at a ski resort. A divorced single parent, who never knew how to properly parent Max especially as she got older. Combined with a deep-seated fear of abandonment, Ruth has a complicated mindset further fueled by a mid-life crisis.
[LYDIA] [Gender: FEMALE] [AGE: 28-60] [ETHNICITY: ANY]
Lydia is Max’s boss at Parks and Recreation. A bit older than Max, she delivers a different type of perspective of living in the rural community Max needs. Lydia chose to come back to the small town, and that’s a point of curiosity for Max. Lydia is currently struggling with her own ailing mother in the short.
Harry is Max’s father and Ruth’s ex-husband. He works on a ship and has essentially abandoned Ruth/the town. He is easy-going, but hasn’t really shown up for Max in her teenage years.
Background actors to play in a Community College Graduation. We’ll need 5 graduates and 10 loved ones of said graduates.
3 Faculty members, 1 speaker to speak names, 1 Dean to shake the hand of graduates.
Production Dates : February 27th – March 8th (There will be two days off pending location availability)
Rehearsals will be the week of February 10th or 17th pending actor availability
Please submit head-shots and resumes by Saturday January 18th at noon You will receive a response on January 18th asking you to confirming your interest and availability for an audition. We ask that you respond on the 18th so we can schedule your audition time and provide you with the sides.
Production Dates : February 27th – March 8th (There will be two days off pending location availability)
Rehearsals will be the week of February 10th or 17th pending actor availability

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