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Student Film

Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
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Project Type: Short Film
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Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union

Looking to fill a male (30s) and female (40s) role for a thriller student short film shooting in April in Los Angeles – Unpaid.

Project description:

Hide and Seek will be a suspenseful mystery thriller and an insight into the mind of a man struggling with psychosis and his journey to the dark side. This short will follow Thomas, a troubled man who starts to emerge into a newfound lust to kill, and while visiting his therapist Dr. Jensen, he finds his ultimate victim.

It will be a student thesis shoot of three full days and perhaps one-half day in mid/end April 2020. I am looking to shoot most of it on the weekends. 2 Days studio location, 1/2 day outside location Downtown and Hollywood area. Travel expenses (parking, gas) will be provided as well as crafty and catering.
My goal is to submit it to many film festivals in the US.


Thomas is an odd, psychologically troubled character in his 30’s. Not very tall and more lanky, skinny. Wouldn’t be noticed in a crowd but when you look at him longer and closer you can tell there is something going on with him internally.
He just came back from a trip to Europe. Having dealt with personality issues his whole life, he started to notice more extreme symptoms coming up during his travels, but he then found a way to channel it: by focusing on women.
Now back in Los Angeles, he goes to his old therapist to get a physiological evaluation for a new job. Even though she can’t help him with that, he continues to show up because he found liking in playing a cat-and-mouse game with her. Also, that way, he can observe his newfound victim.
Over the course of the short film, Thomas changes from sociopath to psychopath and eventually has to leave the city after having killed someone.

-Dr. Jensen:
Dr. Jensen is a smart, trained therapist in her mid 30’s to 40s. She is always professional and cares about her patients but wants to keeps a certain distance and takes her time with her evaluations. She has known Thomas for a while, and he has always been a complicated patient, hard to read. When he suddenly comes back for a session after some time has passed, she is not too happy about it. She notices in the meetings that he is holding back and keeps something hidden from her. She does not like to jump to conclusions too fast, and so in this situation, she does figures it out, though a little too late.

Please email me if you are interested and I will send you sides that you can use in your self- tape audition.

Payment: Non Paid

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