Student Film Casting Call Volunteer Toronto

Student Film

Job Position(s): Casting Call
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 15 - 70
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: December 4 - 7
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
**** CASTING CALL ****
York University Student Short Film, Union/Non-Union, Unpaid
Copt of film/ Food/ Credit will be provided
Audiention Type: Self-tape
Submission Deadline: 2020/11/10
Filming Dates: 2020/12/04-2020/12/07
Filming Location: GTA, TBD
Film Title: Long Time No See
Director: John Tan
Story Summary: The story follows a failing Chinese old man, Bang arriving in Canada to visit his family for the first time. When he tries to communicate with his white daughter-in-law and millennial grandson Gordan, he finds himself in an awkward position due to the lack of a common tongue with them. Struggling between a language barrier and a new culture, Bang embarks on a mission to connect with Gordon by exploring the world of online streaming.
Bang (60-70) Chinese. Caring, fun and charismatic yet traditional in beliefs. Noticing his failing body, he wants to value his remaining time by reconnecting with his distanced family, especially his grandson. He struggles with the cultural differences between his and his son’s new life in Canada. Fluency in Mandarin is a must.
Guoqiang (35-45) Chinese. He is Bang’s open-minded son who’s fully embracing his new life in Canada. He isn’t ashamed of his heritage but does assimilate him and his son Gordon in order to fit in and lead an easier life in Canada. Fluency in Mandarin and English is a must.
Gordan (15-20) Chinese, Asian, preferably mixed. A coming of age millennial kid who’s quiet and loves streaming video games with his friends online. Grew up accustomed to Canadian culture and finds it difficult to communicate with his Mandrian speaking grandfather.
Monica (35-45) Caucasian. Guoqiang’s wife and Gordon’s mother. Warm, caring, an effortless beauty and a dutiful mother who only wants the best for her family.
Store Manager (20-30) Open Ethnicity. A respectful store manager who is good at his/her job. He/She has so much love for Chinese culture. He/she studied in China, married a Chinese wife/husband, and knows perfect Mondrian. He/she is the ideal grandchild in Bang’s eye. Fluency in Mandarin is a must.
Shop Assistant (18-28) Open ethnicity, preferably Asian. An entitled college student who doesn’t care less for his part-time job at the electronic store.
Please email us if you are interested. Sides and script are available upon request.

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