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Student Film

Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: TBD
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union



Union/ Non- Union: NON- UNION

Production Type: STUDENT

Project Length: SHORT FILM (15 minutes)

Production Company: TREBAS INSTITUTE

Director: Matthew Osborne

Casting Director: Saba Jakeman

Audition Location: On-Tape/Video Chat (due to COVID-19 Outbreak)

Shooting Location: 400 Sainte Croix Ave., St. Laurent, Qc H4N 3L4. Montreal.

Compensation: No


Auditions: Email audition tape through APRIL- MAY- JUNE 2020. Please include your name , the role you are auditioning for, your contact info and your representation info if applicable.

Call Backs: Email

Shooting Starts: SATURDAY Morning (DATE/TIME TBD)

Shooting Ends: SUNDAY Evening (DATE/TIME TBD)


The Right of Redemption follows law student Jamie Wexler, as she copes with the death of her mother, simultaneously struggling to connect with her emotionally distant father; attorney Dale Wexler. Grappling with her place in life by confronting her inevitable career responsibilities, Jamie must choose to either wallow in her past or prosper into the future .
Character BIOS:

Jamie Wexler, a young law student suffering from the loss of her mother, abandons her career path and falls into failure. Confident, outspoken, and determined, yet succumbing to mediocrity by allowing pain to shake her away from success. Jamie’s life has come to a screeching halt, and her father is undeniably aware but unsure how to provide guidance. Will unexpected life tribulations propel her to prosperity or trail back into decline?

Dale Wexler is an attorney at Koufax & Wexler, he primarily focuses on cases defending or fighting for marginalized communities, often pro bono. He partnered with a larger firm (Koufax) in order to sustain financially, though he struggles immensely to balance the cases he chooses, while still turning a sufficient paycheque. Dale Wexler fights for cases that matter; he is hardworking, determined, but lacking the tools to be the father his daughter needs. His exterior shell grows when his wife passes away from an illness, he fills the void he lost by continuing to work for himself, for others in need, and for his daughter Jamie. He supports her financially through law school, provides work opportunities, everything but the parental comfort that she seeks.

Kathy is the receptionist at the Koufax & Wexler legal firm, she primarily works to assist attorney Dale Wexler, Jamie’s father. Kathy is very familiar and friendly with Jamie, they have history as Jamie worked at the firm while attending law school, they speak to each with comforting recognition and ease.

ALONZO [MALE] [AGE: 18-25]
Alonzo is a young legal assistant eager to move up in the firm, Alonzo begins as an entry level assistant. Filing and sorting documents, he is eventually promoted to paralegal, assisting and working for Jamie Wexler.
Colin Crowder is the leader of the defence team trio representing the multi-million dollar chemical company. Colin is the oldest of the three, the most experienced, and has crossed legal paths several times with Jamie’s father; Dale Wexler. He leads the conversation during the legal proceeding, he is most aware of the scale of this case and how his career, as well as many others, hinge on the victory of the case at hand, by way of not allowing Jamie Wexler win.

William Deschanel is the most antagonistic of the three lawyers; he is pompous, frustrated, and a very skilled attorney. He knows this case is complex but won’t have his legal opponent sense any weakness, he commands the room when he speaks to a dangerous degree. He fears Jamie Wexler and her legal tactics, buckling under the fortitude of their ever-growing chemical lawsuit, he interjects when most opportune and sits with repressed anger.

Jack Totter is the third-fiddle of the trio defence team of lawyers, he’s a wise cracking, arrogant attorney who does not believe or fear the prosecuting power and dedication of any opposing legal team or lawyer. He is wide eyed and anxious to be anywhere but in a legal proceeding, his role is to back up and support Colin Crowder and William Deschanel.

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