SPFX Makeup Artist Needed in Senoia – Multiple Dates



June 8th/9th- Senoia, GA
Rate- $150/12 + $50 kit rental, free MU intern

Summary – Three thieves descend on a farm in search of “The Living Sisters,” twin girls and the only human births since “The Crash,” a day when people stopped dying, growing, or getting pregnant. The twins are sought after by a King who collects rare things in a chaotic world of people without mortal consequence. Led by Tulsa Bill Black, the thieves pose as needy travelers to gain entrance to the compound, and speak with the family of the famous sisters. Their father, Andrel, reveals that the girls were born, but were true mortals and died as toddlers. Bill accuses him of lying and threatens to blow the entire house up with dynamite, killing the girls if they’re hiding and leaving everyone else with months of painful “regeneration.”

Info: This is a passion project short film/proof of concept being shot to help pitch a larger format feature film. The entire above-the-line and crew is filled with wonderful industry professionals that we couldn’t be more thrilled to work alongside. Our rate is low but it’s what we can offer while coming out of pocket and still maintaining a level of quality on screen. This is a great networking opportunity as well with some of the hardest working folks in Atlanta and hey, we’ll owe ya one!

The short involves a good bit of fighting so adding blood, cuts and bruises will be the biggest part. We also have 2-3 gags we want to achieve if they are something we can execute well. We can follow up with script, schedule and SPFX MU DOOD’s and work with the artist brought on to tailor our needs to fit our budget and timeline.

To apply for this job email your details to katerwelch@gmail.com

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