Short Film in Montreal Looking for Union Cast


Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 20 - 55
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: March 27 - 29
Compensation: Paid
Union Status: Non-Union


Production Title: The Robbery
Union/Non-Union: Union (ACTRA)
Production Type: MIP Short film
Genre: Dark Comedy
Production Company: Dark Horse Rising Productions
Producers: Zachary Creatchman & Karine Dashney
Director: Zachay Creatchman
Shooting Location: Montreal

Key Dates:
Auditions: Saturday, March 7th
Shoot Dates: March 27th – 29th


The Robbery is a dark comedy about Alex, Lauren & Steph. After a stroke of bad luck, Alex finds herself deeply in debt to the wrong people. As a solution, Alex decides to enlist Lauren and Steph to help in her misguided attempt to make some fast cash. Things go from bad to worst as the attempt goes wrong and every choice made leads from bad too worst.


Alex: (Camera age: 25-35)

Alex’s gambling addiction is what kicks off this story. Alex is headstrong, Risk-Taking, tough, can be hyper aggressive and prone to making rash decisions. Alex’s certainty in her ability to get herself out of the situation, bludgeons the story forward.

Steph: (Camera age: 20-30)

Steph, an innocent nurse, who maybe a bit naive for her own good. Living mostly a sheltered, unexciting life, she comes into this situation with an open heart, genuine excitement to do something against the law. Positivity and enthusiasm shine through her, until panic begins to set in as the magnitude of their actions takes its toll on her.

Phil: (Camera Age: 30-40)

Phil, is a man that we’re unsure of. He’s prone to extreme anger and violence if pushed. He can also be manipulative. Actors must be comfortable with playing a physical wound.

Officer Peterson: (Camera Age: 40-55)

Officer Peterson is a man who’s been on the job too long. A man of an older generation, who doesn’t care about playing by the rules. When he’s not getting what he wants, he’s willing to push some boundaries to get to his goal.

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