Series Casting Call in Los Angeles Paid!


Job Position(s): Actors and Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: Series
Job Date: TBD
Compensation: $125+/day
Union Status: Non-Union


2-Day Film Shoot for 1st episode of our live-action, sci-fi comedy digital series, although most roles will only require 1 day of work.

SHOOTING LOCATION: TBD but likely LA or surrounding areas.

My Human Experience is a sci-fi comedy about 2 aliens who come to Earth to study the human race, and end up finding their own humanity. Produced and directed by an award winning team.

Will be paid at least SAG minimum rate, $125 + a day.
If interested, please inquire at:

and include your headshots & bio. Due to quarantine, we’ll start the auditioning process by asking for self-tapes.

Lex: (2 days of work)
Female. Any ethnicity. Around Mid-20’s. Comedic timing mandatory.
A logical, emotionally repressed, and socially awkward alien woman, very adept in astrophysics and cosmology. She is a highly esteemed scientist and explorer, and arrogant about her accomplishments. Lex’s social inadequacy makes interacting with humans difficult for her, but over time, she evolves in personal, social, and even romantic ways. The humor is in how she is pushed out of her comfort zone because she’s on a mission that forces her to socially interact with people.

Xalax: (1 Day of work)
Mid-20’s, male. Any ethnicity. Comedic timing mandatory. Xalax is creative, emotional, enthusiastic, irresponsible, artistic, impulsive, and the opposite of his logically-minded team member, Lex. He’s the black sheep of the logical and scientifically oriented Kreytonian race. He’s very extroverted, with a zest for life. Gentle hearted, he relates to the world with a child-like innocence. Even when he’s engaging in activities that aren’t necessarily innocent, he does so with a kind of pureness and naivete.

Captain Xeebloc: (1 day of work)
Age range 30’s – 50’s. Preferably Female. Any ethnicity. Comedic timing mandatory. The brilliant, alien Captain Xeebloc, recipient of several Galactic Hero Achievement awards, is a fair and effective leader, but can be firm and authoritative with her subordinates when needed. Although logical and scientifically-minded, she’s also humorous and light-hearted. Loves to name drop celebrities she’s abducted.

Carly: (1 day of work)
Female. Any ethnicity. Around Mid-20’s. Comedic timing mandatory. She’s a surprising combination of a fun-loving, life-of-the-party type/intelligent, physics student. A little narcissistic and self-absorbed at times, but genuinely kind-hearted and well-meaning. She helps the socially inadequate Lex break out of her rigid comfort zone, and encourages her to socialize and have fun. Although Carly doesn’t know Lex is an alien, she unknowingly helps Lex learn about fitting into human society by giving her advice and support.

To apply for this job email your details to