Actors and Actresses Needed for Short Film March 13th-20th

PUNTMETZ Productions

Casting for a film with the following logline:

In the not-too-distant future a low level hit-man reluctantly finds himself at the center of a transformative political movement centered around human genetic engineering.

Please find below a description of the roles.

1. Burt – Late 50’s owner of a diner. He has a tremendously warm and charismatic personality. His outward friendliness belies the fact that he heads one of the most brutal criminal organizations in the city.

2. Julie – Young killer for hire who works for Burt. Her fierce loyalty to her criminal accomplices is put to the test when she falls for an idealistic young politician who has quickly become their target.

3. Manny – Early 30’s New York legislator who is dating Julie and has vowed to oppose genetic engineering technologies.

4. Cynthie – Works in a PR firm that advocates for the legalization of controversial new technologies. She is married to one of the members of Burt’s criminal organization and quickly finds herself drawn ever deeper into it’s underbelly.

5. Ben Starr wealthy and charismatic CEO of a controversial Bioengineering corporation.

About the Project:

This is an unpaid position. We are a group of aspiring young filmmakers who are all working multiple jobs to finance this project. It is purely a passion project that we have been developing for over a year.

Everyone involved will receive free lunch and dinner during an anticipated two-days of shooting. Shooting will begin mid-March.

Non-Union actors only.

All involved will receive IMDB credits.

To apply for this job email your details to

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