Prop Master and Stunt Coordinator Needed in Los Angeles


Job Position(s): Props Master, Stunt Coordinator
Project Type: Film
Job Date: TBD
Compensation: $500
Union Status: Non-Union
TITLE & TYPE: STEEL WILL, short sci-fi movie
CREW CALL: Prop-master, Stunt coordinator
LOCATION: Los Angeles, California, USA
COMPENSATION: $500 (for prop-master – compensation for materials separate, not included here), meals on set, IMDB credit/awards (if any)
TIME(s): Submission deadline – October 4, Planned shooting dates – November 5-8 (not final yet)
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: “Steel will” – short sci-fi (cyberpunk) boxing drama movie. Story set in not-so-far future – 10-30 years from now. Film tells about professional boxing champion – Robert Steel “Hammer” – who lost his arm and got replacement with robotic prosthetic. Story focusing on his struggles in the boxing ring under new conditions, relationships with his loved ones and Robert’s inner fight with himself. Project is low-budget, indie and non-union.
“Steel will” intended for submissions and festivals run (primary in USA), ending with showing on online streaming services, VOD, cable channels etc. Also, it is based on feature script by same author and will serve as proof of concept – when opportunity will allow to shoot full-length version of this story, one of intentions – to try to carry over all team-members, involved in production of this short.
For this project will be gathered mostly team of independent filmmakers, whose previous short movie received several awards and ended on VOD channels. Also included meals during shooting days and IMDB credit\awards (if any).
One of the main elements of story – robotic prosthesis of left arm of main character, Robert Steel. Think about something not so much futuristic, close in resemblance to actual human limb and done in black\dark grey colors, visually – made from metal\plastic\carbon fiber. Find attached to this project description concept-art and images with similar things.
Prop master will need to take measurements from actor, construct such named prop, be present during one of rehearsals of fight scenes and be present during shooting days (4 shooting days) – to help actor put this hand on and fix any possible troubles. We will need two prop-arms at least (one for full arm, one without hand – so actor can put on boxing glove).
This is boxing drama, which will include 2 scenes where 2 actors need to act professional boxing fight inside boxing ring. Stunt-coordinator will need to work closely with director and rehearse with 3 actors, including going with them over safety guidelines and prepare them for shooting of fight scenes, and be present during shooting days for fight scenes (2 days) to monitor safety on set.
Stunts will include mostly different kind of punches to upper body (jabs, cross, uppercuts etc.) and blocking with hands.
Additionally can be discussed credited role of referee inside boxing ring for named scenes.

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