Paid Voice Acting Gig in Toronto for Series

House of Cool

Job Position(s): Voice Over
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): Various See Post
Project Type: Series
Job Date: July 8 - 10
Compensation: $300
Union Status: Non-Union
Seeking voice actors for roles in: Rock Non Stop
A development project for an animated TV series
Company: House of Cool
Submission Deadline: July 3rd
Recording Dates: July 8-10
Location: GTHA
Non-Union, Paid role
We are looking for authentic scratch records for a half episode on a development project. It will be used in a pitch package for the project and not for broadcast.
Anime, kung-fu and Mary Poppins are all here to tell this authentic urban story of a boy destined to save the world. Based on pan-Caribbean duppy (ghost) stories about mischievous demons, Rock Non Stop uses original performances from major hip hop, pop, reggae and reggaeton artists to bring ancient stories of intrigue and prankish behaviour to a contemporary audience.
All characters have between approx. 10-50 lines each. We are looking for 5 teen characters, and a Mom/ teacher. NOTE: 4 of the teens have a rap/ song so it is a bonus if those actors can rap/sing.
The scenes take place at school between Irving, his friend Tako, and the Ballers (bullies). The attitudes of the characters mirror those of millennials. They are quick thinking, quick talking and opinionated with a sense that they need to look out for their needs of the moment and are not too concerned about tomorrow.
Irving (14-16yo male) – A little like Charlie Brown, Irving is a try-hard and the butt of many jokes but with a heart of gold. He is sincere, cautious and fast talking. He is outwardly positive but inwardly insecure.
*It would be a bonus if this actor can rap/sing.
Tako (14-16yo female) – She is smart, care free and irreverent. She does not care what people think about her so she is a fashion misfit. She is prone to be brutally truthful and very direct which makes her a difficult friend.
The Ballers
Bronson (14-16yo male) – He’s the kid that on who you want to keep at a distance because there is always trouble around him. He sneers and snickers at everyone and it makes you want to punch him in the face, but you don’t because he’ll definitely punch you back. His tone sounds like the classic bully but his words are intelligent.
*It would be a bonus if this actor can rap/sing.
Minty Mane (14-16yo male) – He has a voice too deep for a 16 year old but that’s his signature on vocal tracks that he is laying down whether he is recording or not. There can be a recording agent around every corner so Minty in a constant state of throwing down verses.
*It would be a bonus if this actor can rap/sing.
Dee Dee (14-16yo female) – She might not be brightest of the Ballers but she is definitely the loudest. She has total confidence in what she says, and even if she didn’t, turning up the volume will make sure that no one questions her.
*It would be a bonus if this actor can rap/sing.
Ophelia (Mom) – Ophelia is ambitious. That is an understatement. There is a drive in her that makes her operate near her redline at all times, then she passes out, only to start it up again the next day. Don’t let her sing-songy Trinidadian accent fool you into thinking she is out to have fun. She has a soft spot for her son but in all other respects, she is dead serious.
*There is an additional line for a teacher character that is to be recorded by Ophelia actor.
We are looking to record July 8-10. Arrangements will be made according to City of Toronto guidelines and social distancing protocols. Consideration may be made to record from home if quality of audio sample submitted is satisfactory.
Fee: Flat rate of $300 per actor.
If you would like to audition for any of the roles listed above, indicating your interest. You will be sent sides from the script to record as sample audio files.
House of Cool is one of the animation industry’s leading boutique studios for pre-production, specializing in both feature film and television pre-production. Our expertise, vision, and artistry have helped to shape The Peanuts Movie, The Book of Life, Rio, Rio 2, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dino¬saurs, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Ice Age: Collision Course, Despicable Me, Hugo, Angry Birds, and series Dragons: Race to the Edge and Trollhunters on Netflix. We are currently looking to develop some of our own properties.

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