Paid Short Film Needs Multiple Actors

Captain Bulldog Productions, LLC


KANSAS: 1989

Short Film

Production Company: Captain Bulldog Productions, LLC

Producers: Eden Martinez, Clayton Smith

Director: Clayton Smith

Writer: Clayton Smith

Cinematographer: Giacomo Belletti

Casting: Matt Rapport and Sarah Cooper

Dates: 5-day shoot early-mid October 2019

Rate: $100/day

Locations: KCMO Metro area


-[ROLE]- AIDAN (15-16), a charismatic but quiet young man. Curious and inquisitive to those around him, and a good listener, which endears him to his friends. He is open-eyed and peaceful by nature. He flirts with Whitney and looks up to his new friend Ryan, but is only beginning to be aware of his attraction to other men. On the verge of self-knowledge, he is opening up to his sense of self. Possibly a leaner build.

-[ROLE]- RYAN (17), a no-bullshit guy with an independent streak that easily gets him into trouble, and he doesn’t mind. He doesn’t suffer fools, and only bothers with people he actually likes. Carries himself with an easy, natural confidence—he doesn’t feel like he has anything to prove to anyone. Ryan is comfortable with himself, and his default demeanor is calm and cool—but he also doesn’t put up with any bullshit.

-[ROLE]- TROY (18-23), a raucous and hard-living dude with an acerbic sense of humor. He speaks with certainty on anything he talks about– which might actually be out of insecurity. This can come off as aggressive; but it might also be charming, depending on who you ask. He likes the sound of his own voice, loves a good time, and is never too far from a drink or a smoke. Longer or shaggy hair okay; unkempt and scrappy in some way.


Friday, July 12 & Saturday, July 13


Please submit headshot and resume to Sarah Cooper by July 10.

*Applicants will be contacted and supplied with an audition date, time and sides.*


Kansas: 1989 tells the story of Aidan, a 15-year-old Midwestern boy becoming aware of his feelings for another boy. When they get stuck in the basement of a gay-hating man with a loaded shotgun, Aidan is pushed to question his new friendship, his sense of security, and most of all, himself.

The story of a friendship forged in a night of adventure, and the awakening of a boy to his true self.

Creative Team

Writer/Director Clayton Smith and Director of Photography Giacomo Belletti have worked together on two previous projects. Off Track Betty, Smith’s directorial debut, won the 2018 Kodak Award for “Best Work Shot on Film” at the Queens World Film Festival, the 2016 “Best Short Audience Award” at the Brooklyn Film Festival, and the 2016 “Best in Category Jury Award” at the Tallgrass Film Festival, in addition to being an Official Selection at Austin Film Festival, Bend Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, Napa Valley Film Festival, Atlantic Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, Kansas City FilmFest, Soho International Film Festival, and many others. It is now available on cable on Comcast Xfinity and ShortsTV, and on streaming platforms such as Filmocracy. It can also be viewed at .

Their second collaboration, a horror revenge comedy called TOO LATE, is currently on the festival circuit and was nominated for “Best Comedy Short” and “Best Short Short” at the 2019 Queens World Film Festival. It just screened at the 2019 Kansas City FilmFest and the 2019 Lighthouse International Film Festival.

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