Paid Non-Union Pilot Casting Call NY


Job Position(s): Actors and Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 21 - 45
Project Type: Pilot
Job Date: TBD
Compensation: Paid
Union Status: Non-Union
Casting Notice
Non-Union. Paid.
Webseries Pilot.
Email headshots and reels to
BOOKER (35-45) A neurotic talent booker for a DIY music venue. Unconventional and eccentric. Any ethnicity..
JESS (25-30) The idealist intern who lives for the scene and gets her big break. She gets permission to start booking new acts for the space. Any ethnicity.
TOM (25-30) A snobby hipster who believe he has the best taste in music. Any ethnicity.
COREY (25-30) The resident audio engineer and DJ. Dead pan humor. Any ethnicity.
LUCY (21-30) A stalker and lead singer of her own band. A true subculture weirdo with a big heart. Neon colored hair. Any ethnicity.

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