Paid Casting Call Toronto/Ottawa $30/hr

Sam Ellison Photo

Job Position(s): Casting Call
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): Various
Project Type: Film Shoot
Job Date: January 1 - 11
Compensation: $30/hr
Union Status: Non-Union
Hi, I am casting for a film shoot that will be done between January 1-11
Location: part in Toronto, part in Ottawa, Union Status: Non Union
Compensation 30/hr, Need: Cast, to submit please email and include a photo.
Here is a list of the different stories and characters, also I listed the ages of the characters but they are flexible, like if you like a role but aren’t the right age for it you can let me know and we can try to adjust.
1) Juan and Penelope, a couple who married young and are now 30 years old, Juan has an affair with another woman (Paula), so they try to decide if they should separate or make things work.
2) Maria is a young woman, between 18 and 22 years old, she has a boyfriend her age (Luis), but she is also secretly dating a man over 38 years old (Marco).
3) Adam is a 27-year-old man, he works as a waiter in a restaurant, but has the opportunity to smuggle drugs and debates about the possibility of earning more.
4) Veronica is a teenage woman, she gets a scholarship to study in England, but she feels that she does not want to leave her family and specifically her younger sister Alicia (11) behind.
5) Alejandra is a woman in her 20s who takes a modeling job to earn extra money, although her boyfriend is jealous and does not approve of her new career. As a way of finding someone to talk to she goes online and meets a Irish man John, he then flies in and proposes marriage to her.
6) Olivia is a single mother with a daughter (Julia), she works hard as a waitress and has her aunt watch her daughter. She feels bad that she needs help and wants to be more independent. She reconnects with an old friend Frank from her childhood and they discuss possibly getting married. But Olivia feels conflicted like she is just doing if for convenience.
7) Sara is a woman who has worked as a journalist and traveled a lot around South America, she used to be very optimistic and positive about the world, thinking it was a good place, after years of journalism work though she sees too much corruption in countries, she tries to figure out a new way of living life, perhaps getting a job outside of the city.

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