Paid Bunny Wrangler – Vancouver


Job Position(s): Bunny Wrangler
Project Type: Film
Compensation: $400
Union Status: Non-Union

We are shooting a short low budget film, there is only 2 of us so no large crew or external lights, shooting outdoors, social distancing.
We are looking for a bunny wrangler and bunny for 3 very short easy scenes of an animal in the woods:
1. Our actor sees the bunny, the bunny hops off.
2. The actor has passed out from hunger and wakes up to see the bunny eating some foliage, so the actor gets the idea to eat that plant too.
3. The bunny and the actor are more comfortable together. (This last scene can be whatever you think is appropriate..they can just be near each other, actor does not have to touch bunny).

To apply for this job email your details to