Paid Actress for Short Film


Job Position(s): Actress
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 28 - 35
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: August 23
Compensation: $150
Union Status: Non-Union
Female wanted for boxing coach role in a low budget short film “Done!”. The message is anti-bullying. Food provided.
Union Status: Non-union
Location: Etobicoke (Lake Shore BLVD W, near Kipling)
Fee: $150
Date(s): Sunday, Aug 23 (or 30) 2020 (approx. 1pm-6pm)
Demo: Aged 28-35
Submission deadline: Sunday, Aug 15 @ noon.
Character insight: Sally takes a no non-sense approach to clients, striving to get to their core being for maximum results, in mental and physical training. Through it all, she has sympathy for the psychological mindset.
For your video audition, read selected section of script and envision 2 clients standing left and right of you, with camera in front. For the role, “zone in” to the mind set role of the boxing coach.
For best results, have someone record you, holding phone vertically. To ensure high quality file transfer, please upload your best take using “WeTransfer”, (or another file uploading platform). Take a 2 step walk in to your spot.
Considering the role, please be in physically good condition and health. COVID-19 distancing health recommendations in effect on set. Film has minimal crew.
If your audition is selected, you’ll be in a sports bra (solid colour) and neutral solid grey shorts (no patterns). Wear for audition if you want.

To apply for this job email your details to