New sci-fi indie film looking for Male actors

Nova Star Films

We are a new production company based out of Virginia that is looking to create a new indie TV show based upon and old movie colt classic.

We have spent the last several months writing the script, coming up with the financing, finding the locations, building the sets, and now we just need you, the actors.

We are looking for the following Male roles:

Alpha: Early to mid thirties looking. Caucasian, tall, elegant and charming. He plays the elusive man in the series. You must have that man of mystery vibe.

K: 18-20, Caucasion, average height. He will pretty much be the Robin to Alpha’s Batman. Charming and smart.

Bernard: 20-25, African American. He is charismatic and comical but wise with no BS type of attitude. He is a straight shooter.

We are working hard not to let our great idea slip out before we are ready so until you are approved by me, and then the director, and a “do not disclose” waiver is signed we are not able to show you the script. You will not be disappointed though. It is based on a movie most people have seen, the script is well written, and we truly believe this indie show can go places.

Right now most of the financing is going towards the props and sets, so there is no guarantee of pay right now.

Please email us any links to your work you may have that shows your ability to play the role, if you don’t have any current work for to see consider having an friends film you improving in the characters manner, recent headshot and body shots (clothed), your best contact information including email, name, and phone number and in the email body please put the name of the character you are wishing to play.

Not following the above directions will remove you from consideration.

We hope to hear from you soon.

To apply for this job email your details to