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We are looking for a lead actor and actress for a 10-minute pilot for a StoryHive funded web series called “Not Tubby”. If we are chosen as the best pilot, this role extends to 6 episodes with guaranteed payment. If possible, please submit a headshot and demo reel with your name and contact information.

A couple, Rowan and Hannah, lose their beloved cat, Tubby. When a stranger returns a cat, Rowan is adamant it isn’t the same cat but Hannah disagrees. This disagreement spirals and begins to tear their relationship apart.


Rowan is aimless, currently unemployed, and perhaps a bit stir-crazy. Always an aspiring something, he leaps from interest to interest with obsessive vigor before eventually deciding it isn’t right for him. He’s a guy who is so busy planning what he’ll do when he wins the lottery that he forgets to buy a ticket. When a cat identical to Tubby is returned, Rowan may be willing to sacrifice the most important people in his life to prove he’s right. Comedic experience greatly appreciated.

Must have believable chemistry with Hannah and be good with cats.

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