North Carolina Paid Pilot Casting Call

Moment Films

Job Position(s): Casting Call
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: Pilot
Job Date: TBD
Compensation: Paid
Union Status: Non-Union

Production Description:
Loss Division: Witch-Kill
An anthology series about the Loss Division, a shadowy government(?) agency that engineers all of the horrible events that occur-mass murders, terrorism, pandemics- all happen because of the Loss Division. The first episode, Witch-Kill concerns a man who has just moved into a new house, and makes fast friends with his neighbor. But nothing is as it seems.

Character Descriptions:

Roger: 26-33 Attractive, outgoing, and witty but with a different, darker side, after losing his job Roger rents a new home to start over, but doesn’t realize his life is heading in a new direction-whether he like it or not.

Tina: (May require partial nudity) 25-30 Attractive, athletic, and friendly, Tina is goal oriented and always focused on the task at hand. But she still wants to have some fun too, and it’s very doubtful she won’t achieve both goals.

Seth: 22-29 Perpetually stoned since age 13, Seth started dealing weed to pay for his own supply, and also because it has always been a good way to meet girls. But he started watching some crazy videos while getting baked-and now he’s making his own.

Maya: (May require partial nudity) 22-29 Beautiful, bold, and possibly deadly, Tina knows what she wants, and also hot to get it. She might just give you the ride of your life-but it might just be the last one. Proceed with caution when dealing with her.

Deferred Pay. $150 per day. You will be paid within 90 days of completion of shoot. Meals included on set

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: North Carolina

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