Non-Union Voice Casting Call


Job Position(s): Voice Acting
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): Various
Project Type: Project
Job Date: TBD
Union Status: Non-Union

Project: Terms of Employment
Looking for Voice Actors (Must be able to record at home due to Covid)
Submission date – Ends July 17th

Terms of Employment is an animated Action Comedy short that follows two bounty hunters sent after each other by a less than trustworthy sheriff, in a weird western steampunk setting. All characters are open to be voiced by anyone of any gender, race or age.

Orlon (36) Orlon is a dishonest and slimy English sheriff who deals with Arvian and Zayah. He has an English accent and a tone of constant dissent. Quite content to believe he is above others, he is not the best with math and is not fond of having to reconcile his shortcomings. An arrogant man who just wants to be left alone.

Arvian (28) Arvian is a strong man who speaks with a thick Louisiana accent. He is quick witter, sharp-tongued, and more than capable of surviving in the wilderness for weeks at a time. He is tough, outspoken and a wonderful knitter.

Zayah (24) Zayah is a disarmingly confident young bounty hunter. She speaks with a southern twang and without a fear in the world. Her bravado and dasher often get her into trouble, but she always makes it out alright.

Trab (26) – Trab is Gulbs best bud, and a guard to Orlons home. They will do anything to avoid work and are quite the coward. They revel in wordplay and witticism. They have an English accent from a rural English setting.

Gulb (26) – Gulb is Trabs best friend and also a guard to Orlons home. They also hate working and are fine to be a bystander to things they are not explicitly told to do. They have an English accent and are from a less than wealthy upbringing.

Were looking for people who can put their own spin on these characters, do a bit of improv and help add some more humour to the short. If you arent able to do one of the listed accents, change it to one you can do and make the character your own! We want to hear from the lot of you.

This anime-esq short is being made by a group of artists, animators, and creatives that are currently bored during COVID and looking for something to make. We are looking for someone to collaborate with. The whole film will be made 100% remotely with no contact between anyone. This is not a paid opportunity but great for someone newer or someone who is just interested in this type of content and is looking for something fantastical for their demos.

Email me if interested with your CV and/or Demo, who you want to audition for and ill send over the sides for auditions and of course, have a wonderful week.

To apply for this job email your details to