Non-Union Short Film Needs Volunteer Actors

Secodo Productions

Job Position(s): Actors & Actresses
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): See Post
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: End of July
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
Non-Union Short film seeks remaining actors for small scale short film.
This is an experimental short film that aims to ask questions both on a metaphorical level and the perceived literal. PHONE MONEY FAITH AND A GUN: wonders why aren’t we sharing the right resources? Why aren’t we sharing the right information? Why are we holding onto wants that could be our pitfall? What is going on? Why are we like this and again, what the hell is going on?
The film does not aim to solve this issue or provide a clean cut beginning middle and end. It does however aim to present an honest representation of one’s culture, next to the stereotype the media enjoys to depict. And grimly displays a wrongful amount of greed and consumption. The story would be told by visuals, with little to no dialogue. With expressions and emotional facial reactions pushing the story forward.
The abstract plot would take place in the middle of an open field as the main characters sit amongst a table preparing for their meals. There character traits defined by the object they are given: PHONE, MONEY, FAITH AND A GUN. With 2 other characters representing leadership and his follower. The plot is meant to be vague and the end meaning being different to each audience member viewing.As they are meant to piece together the narrative.
The Leader: Suited in professional attire (if not a suit) The Leader looks like the most common depiction of those in office today. Any hair color from brown to grey are welcome. The shiny dress shoe type. Dress shoes will be provided. (Age 30-55) (Caucasian)
The Butler: Not so much like Alfred from Batman but still professionally dressed The Butler is a stoic human being who isn’t concerned about anything but the task at hand. With carefulness, effortlessness and a cold tone he does his job and that is simply that.(Age 28-65) (Ethnicity Any)
Number Three: With what almost looks like a military background three looks like the short tempered type. Oddly enough composure can be kept with the emotions felt on his face (which is usually tense to say the least). Three can be described in one word, Unflinching but ready.(Age 22-45) (Caucasian)
To audition, please submit a 1 to 3 minute monologue performance of your choosing. As well demo reel/portfolio or any other information you feel relevant, with the subject line “PHONE MONEY FAITH AND A GUN Audition”
The project is an unpaid passion project, though all actors will receive craft/lunch on set. As well all transportation will be covered.
The tentative shoot date is the end of July. Final date to be decided soon. This will be a one day shoot.
Location to be in the GTA, with exact location to be determined soon. Most likely in Mississauga.
Other Details
The film will use a prop gun that will be locked away in a lockbox when not in use.

To apply for this job email your details to