Non-Union Short Film Casting Call

Little Cat Pictures

Job Position(s): Casting Call
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): Various
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: July 31 - August 4th
Compensation: Volunteer
Union Status: Non-Union
Non-Union Short Film Casting Call
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Title: A Summers Day at Sherwood Park
Genre: Coming of Age/Teen Comedy
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union short film
Outside Shoot Dates: July 31 – August 4th, 2020
Location: Toronto, ON
Auditions: By self tape until July 10
Recalls and Rehearsals: TBD
Production Company: Little Cat Pictures
Director: Conor Forrest
Production Manager: Shian Grace
Compensation: Unpaid. Actors will be provided with safe transportation, meals and a copy of the final film.
**Note about COVID-19: **We are committed to running a safe set with minimal crew, daily testing, and PPE available to keep cast and crew safe. The production will adhere to the up-to-date Ontario guidelines for health and safety at all stages of production.
Although this is a non-Union shoot, we will follow the ACTRA guidelines for returning to set and maintain current social distancing regulations so that everyone is safe:
During a hot summer day a shy, 13 year old boy named Max tries to win the heart of his first crush while navigating the realities of puberty as he goes on their first ever date.
Note: Mature language. Sides and script available upon request.
MAX, 13, Male, Any Ethnicity (LEAD)
Description: Max spends the last days of summer chasing after his crush with his sidekick and best friend, Jason. When Max is not outside, making trouble with Jason, he hides himself in his room playing video games. Max is inexperienced with relationships; he is shy and anxious toward the girl he likes and relies on his friend for help. He wants to grow out of his shell, to not be pathetic, and be confident before high school.
JASON, 13, Male, Any Ethnicity (SUPPORTING)
Description: Max’s best friend. He is the opposite of Max; he appears cool and relaxed around girls, he is a troublemaker and can be a little arrogant. However, he pushes Max to go on his first date and to learn about relationships. He is respectful and kind toward Max’s mother and wants to see his best friend succeed.
LEANNE, 30s, Female, Any Ethnicity (SUPPORTING)
Description: Max’s single mother. She wants what’s best for her son, as she has lost her husband many years ago, and his father. She doesn’t quite know the best advice to give him, but she knows love, remembers her own young love and is there for her son always.
COURTNEY, 13, Female, Any Ethnicity (SUPPORTING)
Description: Max’s crush. She is more than a girl next door. She is cool, cooler than Jason even. She says busy connecting with friends, wears a daunting amount of makeup and has no time for immature boys. However, Max is cute, and they know each other from school. To be polite, Courtney agrees to go on a date with him despite showing any real interest.
SOFIA, 13, Female, Any Ethnicity (MINOR)
Description: Courtney’s friend. She is the boss in their female friend group, and the boss in most social situations. She loves Courtney and is loyal to her friends. She, like Courtney and their other friend, Miranda, have a pass-time of posting their entire lives on social media. She also has no time for boys, but secretly wants a boyfriend.
MIRANDA, 13, Female, Any Ethnicity (MINOR – one line)
Description: Courtney’s friend. Miranda is the third member of the friend group. She hangs out with Sofia and Courtney all the time and also loves social media. When it comes to social situations in real life, Miranda is more quiet around the boys, but she still likes to be with them.
Deadline to submit: Friday, July 3rd, 2020 at 5pm ET

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