Non-Union Low Pay Casting Call

Student Film

Job Position(s): Casting Call
Actor(s) Age Range (if applicable): 20s
Project Type: Short Film
Job Date: TBD
Compensation: Low Pay
Union Status: Non-Union
George Brown College student production is looking for COUPLED or BUBBLED queer actresses to fill the roles of Aella and D’Ana in upcoming thesis film project. It is a necessary requirement for the actresses to live at the shared property as the script involves intimacy (kiss, hand touch).
GENRE: Retro future war drama
SYNOPSIS: Aella has been in love with D’Ana since the very first time they met in the cold living quarters somewhere on the United Lands, but she has never had courage to confess. Seeing D’Ana involved with another woman, Aella tried to distract herself by training harder for her future military service. But once that another woman – Irene – is dead, it is up to Aella to finally decide if her feelings are worth to express, especially considering that this is Aella’s last night before being sent out to the frontline. Secrets will get unveiled and the passion will bloom amidst a cruel and pointless war.
AELLA (early 20s, Asian) – Aella is a perfect soldier raised to contain her feelings and be extremely patient. She is trained to know no love and be prepared to fight, to take lives, and she’s a deep ocean yearning to be filled with emotions. She’s been in love with D’Ana for what feels like forever but never even tried to make the first step. Now, when she has the very last chance to get what she needs but will she go for it?
D’ANA (mid 20s, any ethnicity) – is a sneaky hooch provider who likes to taste her own product way too much. She knows everyone in the settlement and everyone knows her but despite that she doesn’t have any friends. The only two people she’s ever been close to are Irene and Aella – and the first one is now dead. D’Ana is one of those people who think first and regrets later – regrets pretty often. A hothead but a very charming one, she attracts the attention of many guys and girls of the settlement.
Please, send all of your inquiries, reels and headshots.
Stay safe!

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